Training: The Will Winchester Way


Many have asked about the training that Jack and the rest of the team received at Will’s Central Florida Tactical Training Center. While this is a fictional place, it is very strongly based on my personal experience at MV Tactical training center in Romney, WV. I have trained with Max and I have incorporated his philosophies on life and tactical training into this novel. It is for all semi-fit individuals that want to seriously learn about and experience  team combat tactics. I can only say that the training I received with Max was unparalleled. It is worth your time and effort to visit with him.

MV Tactical Website



One thought on “Training: The Will Winchester Way

  1. To one of my favorite Authors… This is awesome and thanks for sharing this with us. It’s always nice, that when these places actually do exist, the Author uses them and then lets us in to their world, we can actually see it, and we get to know a little more about them.


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