Training: The Will Winchester Way

Many have asked about the training that Jack and the rest of the team received at Will’s Central Florida Tactical Training Center. While this is a fictional place, it is very strongly based on my personal experience at MV Tactical training center in Romney, WV. I have trained with Max and I have incorporated hisContinue reading “Training: The Will Winchester Way”

British S.A.S. – Quad Squads

The British S.A.S. has been operating in Iraq since last summer. Their campaigns to disrupt the ISIS supply lines have been met with a good deal of success. The british newspaper, The Daily Mail, has reported on these “Quad Squads” and provided a real-life example for my book, The Book of Frank: ISIS and the Archangel Platoon. TeamContinue reading “British S.A.S. – Quad Squads”